Double-sided cooling plate resistance
  • Double-sided cooling plate resistance

Double-sided cooling plate resistance

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    • Commodity name: Double-sided cooling plate resistance
    ● Small size and high power;
    ● Double-sided water-cooled plate for heat dissipation, the upper and lower copper plates are positive and negative electrodes, which can withstand up to 70KN installation pressure.
    ● This product can meet the long-term power, and because of the use of metal resistance core, at the same time can withstand the peak pulse and periodic pulse conditions, while achieving small volume.
    ● High withstand voltage, conventional products can achieve 10KV power frequency withstand voltage, special requirements can withstand 20KV power frequency withstand voltage.
    ● The resistance of the resistor can be adjusted in a wide range: 0~100 Ω;
    ● The resistance change rate in hot state is small: the resistor is made of alloy foil with low temperature coefficient, and the resistance change rate in hot state is not more than 10%;
    ● Good heat dissipation: the resistance substrate is a copper substrate for heat dissipation, and can be restored to normal temperature in a very short time with water cooling plate or air cooling environment;
    ● Strong corrosion resistance: The resistance foil is made of alloy material, the shell can be formed with 96% alumina isostatic pressing, which has strong corrosion resistance;
    ● Module connection: The power demand can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the resistance module.

  • This product can be applied to ultra-high pressure converter valves, military equipment, shipbuilding and other fields. The product has strong sealing performance, overall potting, high pressure resistance, and extremely strong installation pressure resistance.

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  • long-term power fault power: 3kW
    short-term impact: 15kw/1s
    cycle power: 9kw/0.5S on 1s off
    rated resistance rated resitance:0-100Ω
    heat dissipation mode Cooling way: water cooled heat dissipation
    withstand voltage level stress levels:3 kV-10kV/Dimension
    : 100*100 * 26.5mm
    connection mode Connection method: copper electrode Copper electrode
    appearance color Appearance of the color: as required, default natural color

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    Accuracy/J: 5%;K: 10%
    Rated Resistance (Ω) /Rated resistance(Ω)
    Rated Power(W)/Rated Power(W)
    DM/Modular Resistor/Modular Resistor
    Cooling Method/LB: water cooling plate (water cooling)
    Company code (Company Code )

  • example: S.LB.DM-3kW-5R-J
    indicates that the resistance power of the water cooling module is 3kW and the resistance value is 5Ω 5%.
    Water Cooling Module Resistor is made by SiChuang. Module resistance power 3kW, resistance value 5Ω 5%
    Note: Technical parameters will be changed without notice.
    NOTE:Technical specifications may be subject to variations without notice.

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