Air-cooled resistance cabinet
  • Air-cooled resistance cabinet

Air-cooled resistance cabinet

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    • Commodity name: Air-cooled resistance cabinet
    ● Small volume and high power;
    ● Low resistance change rate in hot state: the resistor sheet is made of nickel-chromium material, with low temperature coefficient, and the resistance change rate in hot state may not be higher than 10%;
    ● Good heat dissipation: FL-RM module and DC fan are used to dissipate heat;
    ● It can be controlled by matching contactors in sections and can detect parameters such as current and voltage.
    ● Module connection: the power requirements may be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the resistance modules.

  • This product can be applied to new energy vehicles, new energy buses, shore power systems, converter equipment, military fields, aviation fields, test load fields, etc. It can be used in conjunction with DC fans. This product can save more than half of the volume of traditional products and realize miniaturization, light weight and portable operation.

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  • Long-term Power: 72kW
    Heat Dissipation Mode: Air Cooled Heat Dissipation
    Withstand Voltage Class: 2.5kV/60s
    Overall Dimension: 650*300 * 650mm
    Connection Mode: Conductor Terminal
    Appearance Color: Customized as Required
    This sample product can realize three-phase maximum output 72KW, single-phase maximum output 47KW, 200V/400V gear switching, and overall weight 35KG.
    dimensions can be made according to customer demand

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    Accuracy/J: 5%;K: 10%
    Rated Resistance (Ω) /Rated resistance(Ω)
    Rated Power(W)/Rated Power(W)
    BM/Modular Resistance Cabinet/Modular Resistor Box
    Cooling Method/FL: air Cooled
    Company Code

  • example: S.FL.BM-60kW-5R-J
    indicates that the power of the air-cooled resistance box is 60kW and the resistance value is 5Ω 5%.
    Water Cooling Module Resistor is made by SiChuang. Module resistance power 60kW, resistance value 5Ω 5%
    Note: Technical parameters will be changed without notice.
    NOTE:Technical specifications may be subject to variations without notice.

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