Air-cooled resistance module
  • Air-cooled resistance module

Air-cooled resistance module

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    • Commodity name: Air-cooled resistance module
    air-cooled resistor module
    ● product features
    ● small volume and high power;
    ● The resistance of the resistor can be adjusted in a wide range: 0~100 Ω;
    ● The resistance change rate in hot state is small: the resistor is made of alloy foil with low temperature coefficient, and the resistance change rate in hot state may not be higher than 10%;
    ● Good heat dissipation: the resistor is aluminum shell for heat dissipation and is used in air cooling environment;
    ● Strong corrosion resistance: The shell is made of 6063-T3 aluminum, the surface is anodized, and the color is optional, which has strong corrosion resistance;
    ● Module connection: The power demand can be adjusted by adding or reducing the resistance module.
  • This product can be applied to new energy vehicles, new energy buses, shore power systems, converter equipment, military fields, aviation fields, test load fields, etc. It can be used in conjunction with DC fans. This product can save more than half of the volume of traditional products.

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  • Short-term Impact: 10kW/1s
    Long-term Power: 2kW
    Rated Resistance: 0-100Ω
    Heat Dissipation Method: Air Cooled Heat Dissipation
    Withstand Voltage Grade 1.5kV/60s, 3kV/60s
    Overall Dimension: 120*120 * 30mm
    Wiring Method: Conductor Terminal
    Appearance Color: Color
    Different Withstand Voltage, Internal Structure Different, Select

    as Required
  • accuracy/J: 5%;K: 10%

    rated resistance(Ω) /Rated resistance(Ω)

    rated power (W)/Rated Power(W)

    RM/modular resistor/Modular Resistor

    cooling method/FL: air cooling

    company code (Company Code )

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