Sampling resistor
  • Sampling resistor

Sampling resistor

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    • Commodity name: Sampling resistor
    Our company uses high-quality resistance special alloy materials as resistance sheets and resistance wires. Through special processes, it is punched or compiled into various sheets and meshes, which can be combined into filter resistor units with arbitrary power and resistance. It can be applied to high voltage systems above 800KV.
  • is mainly suitable for high-voltage/ultra-high-voltage power transmission and transformation systems, factory power supply and distribution systems, and other damping filter circuits or reactive power compensation circuits to eliminate or reduce harmonics.

  • Customized according to customer requirements

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  • resistor is made of special nickel-chromium alloy, and the working temperature can withstand 1200 degrees.

    resistor has small inductance and can be controlled to uH series.

    has large power and single chip power can reach 1800W;

    The resistance value changes little, and the resistance change rate can be controlled at 10% under the rated high temperature state.

    is compact in structure, connect the shell with the intermediate potential of the resistor to reduce the impact strength of BIL, thus greatly reducing the insulation distance;

    has strong reliability and multiple insulation. The inside and outside of the resistor and the original of the resistor are insulated and supported by special materials.

    High pollution level, reliable heat dissipation while ensuring insulation in harsh outdoor environments.

  • According to Dl/T593-1996 3.1,


    Ambient Air Temperature: +40 ℃ ∽-25 ℃
    Temperature Difference: ≤ 15K
    Altitude: ≤ 3000m
    Minimum Nominal Creepage Ratio: Porcelain Not Less than 18mm/kv, Organic Material Not Less than 20mm/KV

    Note: When Exceeding Normal Use Conditions, determined by the user in consultation with the manufacturer.


    Ambient Air Temperature: +40 ℃ ∽-35 ℃
    Temperature Difference: ≤ 25K
    Altitude: ≤ 3000m
    Minimum Nominal Creepage Ratio: Grade II 20mm/kv, Grade III 25mm/kv, and Grade IV 31mm/kv.

    Temperature Rise

    Power-on Current Power-on Time Resistance Element Surface Limit Temperature Rise (℃) Resistance Deviation
    Instantaneous Overload Current 30S 600 -
    Short Time Overload current 10mim 385 -
    maximum continuous current 1h 385 +10%
    normal current 1h 200 + 5%

    structural features

    1. The connection of the resistance unit is simple and reliable

    bolt connection-easy to operate, improve work efficiency, high connection reliability; only need to replace a single resistor during maintenance, simple and convenient operation.

    2. Anti-vibration and anti-corrosion

    The interior of the whole box adopts symmetrical structure design with high anti-vibration performance. Both the interior and exterior are made of high-performance anti-corrosion materials with good corrosion resistance.

    3. The structure is very compact and the point of

    resistor is connected with the outer cover, which effectively reduces the lightning impulse strength, thus greatly reducing the volume of the whole box of the resistor.

    4. High insulation reliability

    Special insulating materials are used for insulation and support inside and outside the box and between resistance elements.

  • HFR 210kW 60A 175kV 80R IP23
    Product Category Rated Power Current Lightning Impulse Resistance IP Class
    HFR Filter Resistor 210kW 60A 175kV 80Ω IP23



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