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    • Commodity name: Neutral point resistance


    1. This series of products are made of stainless steel alloy imported from abroad, with low temperature rise coefficient and low resistance change rate.

    2, double insulation, high stability;

    3, bolt connection, convenient disassembly, reliable connection;

    4, can match the intelligent monitoring device, can effectively monitor the grounding fault current and voltage, and provide switching value and alarm contact.

  • is mainly used for power transmission and distribution systems below 110kV, which are mainly composed of cable lines, with large single-phase ground fault capacitance current, and power plant auxiliary power systems with small capacitance current but to prevent resonance overvoltage. The former is mostly low resistance grounding while the latter is mostly high resistance grounding.

    At present, neutral point grounding resistors are widely used in urban distribution networks, large industrial parks, power plants, offshore platform power distribution systems, large chemical companies, etc.

  • Customized according to customer requirements

    深圳市竞达成电子有限公司 深圳市竞达成电子有限公司


  • . Fault current: 1 ~ 5000A

    . System voltage: 0.38kV ~ 110kV(3,6,10,35)

    . Heating time: 5S,10S,30S,60S, continuous

    . Resistance (20 ℃):0.01 ~ 1500Ω

    . Temperature rise: short-term temperature rise (10~60S) maximum does not exceed 760 ℃, continuous temperature rise maximum does not exceed 385 ℃

    , maintenance-free, quick and convenient replacement

    , compact structure, convenient installation

    , enclosure protection grade: IP20 ~ IP56

    , optional isolation switch, auxiliary switch, heater, CT, monitor and other accessories.

  • Item Standard Value
    Current Range 1-5000A
    Voltage Range 220 V-110KV
    Resistance Range 0.5R-1000R
    Withstand Voltage AC2.5KV-260KV/1min 50Hz optional
    IP grade IP00 ~ IP56 optional
    rated temperature rise 760 ℃
    temperature drift 200ppm/℃
  • FNGR neutral point grounding resistor is used in an environment according to DL/T593-2006 3.1.


    ambient air temperature: 40 ℃ ∽-25 ℃;

    Altitude: ≤ 3000m

    Minimum nominal creepage distance: porcelain not less than 18mm/kv, organic material not less than 20mm/KV


    ambient air temperature: 40 ℃ ∽-35 ℃;

    altitude: ≤ 3000m

    minimum nominal creepage distance: grade ii, grade iii 25mm/kv, grade iv 31mm/kv.

    Note: When the normal use conditions are exceeded, it shall be determined by the user through negotiation with the manufacturer.

  • ⊙ unique steel grid structure design: easy to dissipate heat;

    ⊙ resistor has large heat capacity: through unique processing technology, the rated power of monolithic resistor can reach 1200 watts;

    ⊙ resistance deviation is small: the manufacturing tolerance of the resistor can be less than 5%

    ⊙ resistance can be adjusted in a wide range: the monolithic range is 0.005-11.7 Ω;

    ⊙ The resistor sheet has strong insulation: the resistance BANK and the support can withstand voltage up to 8.3kv;

    ⊙ The resistance change rate in hot state is small: the resistor is made of imported stainless steel with low temperature coefficient, and the change rate in hot state resistance may not be higher than 20%;

    ⊙ Strong shock resistance: Stainless steel bolts are used to connect the resistor sheets, with strong shock resistance;

    ⊙ Strong corrosion resistance: high temperature alloy material, it has strong corrosion resistance;

    ⊙ High cost performance: compact structure, adjustable number of resistor pieces, high cost performance.

  • NGR 10.5kV 100A 60R 10S IP23
    Product Category System Voltage Current Resistance Time IP Class
    NGR grounding resistance 220V ~ 110kV 1 ~ 5000A 0.5Ω ~ 1000Ω 10S ~ continuous IP00 ~ IP56

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