CROWBAR resistance
  • CROWBAR resistance

CROWBAR resistance

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    • Commodity name: CROWBAR resistance


    1. Suitable for the harsh operating environment of wind power converters;
    2. Using stainless steel resistance material, it has strong heat dissipation performance and can withstand continuous impact;
    3. Made of mica interlayer, small in size and short-term impact Energy is strong;
    4 4. The shell is made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials, with excellent appearance;

  • Crowbar resistors are mainly used in low voltage ride through technology for wind power inverters. 1

    It is used on the rotor side of the wind turbine to bypass the rotor side converter.

    When the power grid is disturbed by low voltage, prevent excessive DC bus voltage and excessive rotor current.

    works mainly in the fault state.

    Crowbar resistance can dissipate 80% of the huge energy in an instant.

    The general CROWBAR is designed as a small resistor to protect the inverter device from releasing high current when the power grid fails. In addition, the low voltage ride through function of the fan is also realized in the CROWBAR.

  • Customized according to customer requirements

    深圳市竞达成电子有限公司 深圳市竞达成电子有限公司




  • Item Standard Value
    Power Range 31-300KW
    Voltage Range <5KV
    Resistance Range . 05R-100R
    withstand voltage AC3KV/1min 50Hz
    insulation resistance 100 MΩ Min
    IP grade IP20-IP23 (optional)
    rated temperature rise 375 ℃
    temperature drift 400-1260ppm/℃
    Vibration No visible damage Free of breakage or flying arc△R≤ (1% R. +0.05 Ω)


  • RGCB wind energy resistor shall be in accordance with DL/T593-2006 3.1.


    ambient air temperature: 40 ℃ ~-30 ℃;

    altitude: ≤ 25k;

    Minimum nominal creepage distance: porcelain not less than 18mm/kv, organic material not less than 20mm/KV.

    power frequency withstand voltage: the outlet end of the resistor and the shell (or mounting bracket) can withstand the withstand voltage test voltage value of AC 50HZ and 3000v without breakdown or flicker, and the leakage current is not more than 10ma.

    Note: When the normal use conditions are exceeded, it is determined by the user through negotiation with the manufacturer.

  • ED braking rate runs for 100s as a cycle, and the ratio of braking time: select braking unit


    according to braking current Udc/R and braking rate ED
  • RGCB 50KW 0R24 10ms J
    Product Category Style Continuous Power and Instantaneous Energy Power Resistance Instantaneous Impact Energy Time Error Tolerance
    RGCB Crowbar Resistance 60kJ 60kJ 0R24 0.24Ω 10ms 10ms J ±5%
    20kW 20kW 1R5 1.5Ω C Sustained K ±10%

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