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What is the use of gold aluminum shell resistance

Time of issue:2022-08-11 08:14


What is the use of gold aluminum shell resistor? Gold aluminum shell resistor has stable performance and low resistance value. Gold aluminum shell resistor uses ambient temperature:-55 ℃ ~ +170 ℃; Accuracy range: 5%, 2%, 1%. Gold aluminum shell resistance through to change its own resistance, so as to play the role of control circuit, in the circuit analysis, gold aluminum shell resistance can be used as a constant value resistance, but also as a variable value resistance. Gold aluminum shell resistors are made of nickel and chromium, alloy resistance wire wound on alkaline heat-resistant porcelain pieces and other high resistance, external heat, humidity, no corrosion and protective materials, ceramic packaging again, especially non-flame cement filler sealing. At present, the demand for gold aluminum shell resistors in the market is slowly expanding.

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