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Trapezoidal aluminum shell resistance product features

Time of issue:2018-12-03 10:07


1. The resistance core adopts high temperature resistant ceramic flat tube, and the basic ceramic size is determined according to the shell size.

2, resistance wire is uniformly wound with high quality electric heating alloy wire, and the brand and model of alloy wire are determined according to the resistance value.

3. Sealing material: both ends are sealed with water sediment resin slurry (electronic insulation material). When the cement material is semi-dry, the aluminum plate is pressed and sealed with aluminum plate, so that the aluminum plate and cement material are integrated to prevent sand leakage.

4. Shell: High-quality industrial 6063 aluminum is used. The aluminum shell is anodized to fog silver. Sandblasting or wire drawing can also be used according to customer requirements.

5, lead wire adopts UL AWM3122 white textile silicone rubber high temperature wire (conventional temperature resistance 200 degrees, maximum temperature resistance 250 degrees)

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