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Field test of DC load box for charging pile

Time of issue:2021-12-10 18:01


Recently, the intelligent test load box designed and manufactured by Rist Company for a DC fast charger of a new energy vehicle in Shenzhen was officially put into use. Through the information exchange between the load box and the DC fast charger of the electric vehicle, the real-time simulation of the battery charging process is realized. The charging process can be truly simulated to avoid problems such as inconvenient test use, incomplete test contents, inability to verify auxiliary power system, time-consuming and labor-consuming charging and discharging of vehicle power battery, shortening of battery life caused by frequent charging and discharging, etc. Meanwhile, the economic loss caused by damage to the test vehicle caused by charging pile failure can be avoided. The control cabinet is equipped with a control panel, which can be combined and controlled by switches on site. The digital display instrument is located in the shell of the control cabinet, electrical parameter (current, voltage, etc.) data may be monitored. The load box

has a built-in purely resistive load; any combination of various power loads can be simulated. Battery test, charging pile test and other AC power test and full load test needs. Widely used in laboratories, production workshops, installation and commissioning, research and development. Performance parameters according to the test requirements, any combination, custom discharge power. The host has temperature overheating alarm protection: due to special reasons overheating, can automatically cut off the load. New power components, high power density. The axial flow fan has the characteristics of small air volume, good heat dissipation and low noise. Power input with sub-type switch control. This series of load boxes have the performance characteristics of load plus or minus load control and testing. The load box system consists of resistance, air cooling, electric parameter inspection and control parts. In the case of ensuring that the gear is the same resistance gear when used in series, it can be combined at will.

The load box adopts special load resistance, which has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high precision and long service life.