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Zhuhai Sany Port Machinery

Time of issue:2021-12-10 17:57


This equipment is a 2000KV load intelligent test system.

Zhuhai Sany Port is located on the west side of the island embankment in the beautiful Zhuhai Gaolan Port Economic Zone. Compared with the load systems required by other enterprises, the 2000KV load intelligent test system faces a humid and corrosive marine environment. Therefore, new requirements are put forward on the moisture-proof and corrosion resistance of the equipment. For the project environment, alloy materials are used and supplemented by monitoring systems, effectively guarantee the normal operation of the system.

This load is easy to transport and adopts container design. The box body adopts the standard container type, which is modified according to the requirements of the equipment. The design of the box body and the resistance frame fully considers the problems of ventilation and heat dissipation and hoisting. The box is made of high-strength steel, sturdy and durable, beautiful in appearance, with shading, rainproof, anti-theft functions, with strong load capacity. At the same time, it has the function of field control and remote upper computer control. Cooperate with the host computer data management software to reduce the intensity of the generator set detection work and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment. It is the key detection equipment necessary for the offshore platform industry.